our consultation process is all about understanding you and your needs from a custom furniture piece. We delve into:

– Material/colour selection


– Hardware integration

– Design style (Aesthetics/functionality/ergonomics)

– Dimensions

– Space integration

– Timeline

This ensures you get the most from the custom design and that the final piece complements your space seamlessly. Whether conducted over a video call or in person, this personalised approach ensures that every aspect of your custom furniture is tailored to your preferences.


Following our consultation, we take a deposit to proceed. Moving forward, our design process kicks in. We use CAD software to create a precise and detailed drawing of your bespoke furniture. We don’t stop there – we produce a photo-realistic 3D rendering concept, allowing you to see exactly how the final piece will look. Our collaborative approach involves you every step of the way, ensuring that the design is perfect. We take revisions before manufacture to guarantee that the final product aligns perfectly with your expectations.


Once your custom design has received your approval, we transition into the hands-on craftsmanship of the build phase. In our fully equipped workshop, your custom furniture comes to life through a fusion of craftsmanship, raw materials, and precision machinery. Our commitment to transparency means we keep you connected with the progress of your unique furniture piece with regular updates.


After the build process, we take a final payment. Your custom furniture is ready to find its place in your space. We offer flexible delivery options to suit the complexity of your unique piece. For simpler designs, your furniture will be delivered with clear assembly instructions for you to set it up at your convenience. Alternatively, for more complex designs, our team of professional installers can personally deliver and set up your piece. 

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